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Eco Podz

For the off-grid adventurer.


Additional Specifications

  • 8'x26' Trailer with Title and Electric Brakes

  • Lean-to structure with exterior siding; 

  • 8'-10' variable ceiling height

  • Aluminum roof & trim

  • Steel frame studs

  • Double-paned windows

  • Thermal barrier

  • Double sliding front door

  • Installed black, grey, and fresh, water tanks

  • Wood-burning fireplace

  • Full plumbing and electrical systems

  • Solar-ready electrical chase

Internal Measurements:

Length             25' 01"

Width                 7' 04"

External Measurements:

Full Length (including hitch):    29'

Width:                                           8' 04"

Height:                                          10' 03"


Square footage: 208 sq ft​

Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 30g


Electrical Details:

Units support  30 amp or 50 amp system, either single (110 volt) or dual (110 volt + 110 volt) based on usage needs. 

Requires ¾ ton truck to haul (e.g. F250).                                   


Estimated build time: 12-14 wks


  • Choose between a bed on a lift with dining underneath or standard bed with wall storage 

  • Select your commode based on your maintenance needs and budget (incinerating, gravity flush, etc)

  • Select coloring for final finishes (flooring, walls)


Live Life on Your Own Terms.

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