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A Pod for Every Purpose

Your unit is an artisan crafted masterpiece outfitted with your customizations to make it feel like the home, business or personal space you always wanted.


Luxury Podz are equipped with smart features, dramatic lighting fixtures, disappearing rear deck and other modern conveniences.

Sleeps 2-4 | Starting at 135K


Eco Podz are both stylish and budget-friendly, and optimized with finishes like  a wood-burning stove to perfectly suit the off-grid lifestyle.

Sleeps 2 | Starting at 89K


Business Podz  have the same skeleton as the luxury pod, with an interior customized to satisfy a variety of business and creative needs.

Uses: home office, salon, etc.


Grand Podz  are built with the senior living community in mind. The unit is fully wheelchair-accessible and ADA compliant.

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