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Do you offer financing

We're currently lining up lending partners and financing options. Because these units are on wheels that are private property, not real estate. Most owners seek financing through personal loans however mortgage lending is possible for customized units built on a planted foundation. Owners can speak with our Pod consultant for some recommendations and are ultimately responsible for securing financing.

Can I get a custom build

Yes, we are staffed by licensed contractors and can build custom tiny home to your specifications. Owners are responsible for obtaining the proper permissions from their local governing body.

Do you deliver

Yes, we deliver to the contiguous United States for an additional fee calculated by the mile.

What do pods cost

Final cost varies depending on the build and customizations. The base price for our smallest model is 90k.

Where can I park my pod

Since Mod Podz are on wheels, they are subject to the same rules as a Recreational Vehicle (RV). If you can park an RV on your land, you can park a Mod Pod. If you are looking to buy or lease land for your Pod, we work with  a licensed realtor to resolve your land needs.

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